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Port Dues Calculator

* Estimated calculation of port dues generated by this calculator is only to serve as a reference and may differ from actual tax invoice.
* OPL Surcharge will be applicable for valid craft departing to Highsea.
Vessel Name :  Call Sign : 
IMO No. :  Flag : 
GT * :  Vessel Type * : 
Craft Licence No. : 
Purpose Code * : 
Loading/Discharging Cargo Taking Ships Supplies Offshore Activities
Embarking/Disembarking Passengers Changing Members Of Crew Other Activities
Taking Bunkers Repair/Docking At Shipyard
Arrival Date/Time * :  Departure Date/Time * : 
Shipyard Start Date/Time :  Shipyard End Date/Time :  Add
Laid Up Start Date/Time :  Laid Up End Date/Time :  Add
Offshore Start Date/Time :  Offshore End Date/Time :  Add
Licence Start Date :  Licence Expiry Date : 
APD Expiry Date : 
Advanced Maritime Welfare Fees Expiry Date : 
Arrest Date : 
Release Date : 
Sold Date :